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At each Conference from 2018, AWGSA will award a Most Distinguished Paper Award.

Power fist with feminist colours

Activist Energies
28 November – 30 November 2022

The 2022 AWGSA Conference celebrates feminist energies, efforts and advocacy taking place across activism, scholarship, praxis and policy. It acknowledges affect, emotion, and fatigue.

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Flinders University City Campus,
Victoria Square, Adelaide

13th – 16th July.

Monique Mulholland, AWGSA Conference Committee Chair

Conference information

The 2016 Conference De-story the Joint was held at Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point in Brisbane June 29-31. It was hosted by a group of Queensland universities: the Committee was led by Dr Sharon Bickle (USQ).

Keynote Speakers were Professor Clare Hemmings (London School of Economics) and Professor Irene Watson (UniSA).

The AWGSA Conference Report 2016 can be accessed here.

The 2014 Conference was Responsibility

The keynote speaker was Professor Sara Ahmed (Goldsmiths College, United Kingdom).

The AWGSA Conference Report 2014 can be accessed here.

The 2012 conference was themed Interventions: Reflections, Critiques, Practices, and was hosted by the University of New South Wales, Kensington NSW from 21-23 November.

The keynote speakers included Professor Feona Attwood (Sheffield Hallam University, UK), Dr Kath Albury (UNSW) and Professor Juanita Sherwood (UTS).
Conference reports available here and here.

The 2010 conference,  Emerging Spaces: New Possibilities in Critical Times was jointly hosted by universities in Adelaide, featuring keynote speakers Zillah Eisenstein (Ithaca College, NY), Dorothy Broom (ANU), and Lyn Parker (UWA). Selected proceedings are published in Outskirts  Vol 24.

In 2008 the conference Vision, Memory, Spectacle was hosted by the University of Western Australia, featuring keynotes by Sasha Roseneil (Birkbeck, U London), Felicity Collins (LaTrobe) and Pat Dudgeon (UWA).

The 2006 conference 21st  Century Feminisms was hosted by Monash University and marked the change of name of the Australian Women’s Studies Association to include Gender Studies.


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