I have an interdisciplinary PhD in Social Work & Cultural Studies, a Masters degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy and a Bachelor of Social Work with First class honours. I am currently a registered Psychotherapist, with the Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia) and a senior lecturer at Southern Cross University. In my current role, I teach across a range of social work and social policy subjects and conduct interdisciplinary research on trauma, race and gender.

I am an award-winning researcher with a distinctive research focus on Black bodies and Black lives. As one of the leading African-Australian Academic, my body of research on race, racism and blackness is one of the most widely read in Australia in academic and non-academic platforms. My work has been shared by thousands both nationally and internationally and fostered useful discourses on intersectional practices and processes of racialisation.

I am a regular expert contributor on the ABC, in The Conversation and the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). I am also and the Founder and Director of Healing Together, a service that provides accessible, culturally informed therapy for Black people and People of Colour in Australia as well as consultations and trainings for organizational leadership.

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Dr Juliet Watson is the Deputy Director of the Unison Housing Research Lab and a Senior Lecturer in Homelessness in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at RMIT University. Juliet’s research and teaching are focused on the areas of gendered violence, feminisms, homelessness, and social housing. Her doctoral thesis won the AWGSA PhD Award in 2016. This research formed the basis for her book, Youth Homelessness and Survival Sex: Intimate Relationships and Gendered Subjectivities.

Profile https://www.rmit.edu.au/contact/staff-contacts/academic-staff/w/watson-dr-juliet

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Dr Sarah Casey teaches in the School of Business and Creative Industries at University of theSarah-Casey Sunshine Coast. She is the co-author of Media and Society (6th Edition), and Hashtag Feminisms: Australian media feminists, activism, and digital campaigns (forthcoming, with Juliet Watson). Sarah leads the Real Stories of Country Women, the Real Rural Digital Solutions , and Real Rural Women’s Leadership projects. Prior to working in academia, she worked in large financial organisations, as well as in communication in Australia and the UK. Sarah is the current Secretary (2021-) and immediate Vice-President (2018-2021) of AWGSA. She is also a member of the National Rural Women’s Coalition Communication Reference Team (2021-).

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SOCIAL MEDIA- Suzanne Egan

Dr Suzanne Egan is a lecturer in the School of Social Sciences, University of Western Sydney.  Prior to academia Suzanne worked in feminist services against sexual and domestic violence. These experiences continue to inform Suzanne’s research on the relationship between sexual violence, feminist theories and trauma discourse which has been brought together in a recent monograph Putting feminism to work, Theorising sexual violence, trauma and subjectivity.  Suzanne’s current research extends on this interest to explores the rise of trauma informed care and the impact of the ‘brain sciences’ on sexual assault and domestic violence service provision. In addition Suzanne is interested developing networks and exploring ways to gain traction on the  the issue of academic sexual misconduct in Australian Universities. This has included working  with Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia (R&DVSA) to research and produce a violence prevention training interventions targeting academics – ‘Ethical Pedagogical Practices: Respectful Supervisory Relationships’  which has been run by R&DVSA  at  number of universities as well as presented internationally.

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TREASURER – JaneMaree Maher

Profile https://research.monash.edu/en/persons/janemaree-maher

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ECR – Ruby Grant

Dr Ruby Grant is an early career researcher and lecturer in Sociology at the University of Tasmania. Her teaching and research interests include feminist sociology, queer theory and sexuality studies, LGBTIQ-inclusive health practice, and women’s health. Ruby has published broadly on gender and sexuality issues in sociology, public health, gender studies and education.

Profile https://www.utas.edu.au/profiles/staff/sociology/ruby-grant

Twitter https://twitter.com/notoriousrfg

EXECUTIVE – Monique Mulholland

Dr Monique Mulholland is a Senior Lecturer in the College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences at Flinders University. Her research works with feminist, queer and post-colonial/critical race theory to explore young people’s negotiations with gender, sex and sexuality norms and subjectivities. Her recent book is titled Young People and Pornography: Young People Negotiate Pornification (2013, Palgrave Macmillan), and latest article is Race and Sexuality: Colonial Ghosts and Contemporary Orientalisms (The Palgrave Handbook of Ethnicity, 2019). All of her research is undertaken with community partners, such as her recent projects ‘Cultural Diversity and Sex Education’ and ‘In The Moment’: A whole school approach to confront sexism where and when it occurs.

Profile https://www.flinders.edu.au/people/monique.mulholland


Tarmia Klass is a PhD candidate in Gender Studies and Anthropology at The University of Adelaide. Tarmia’s research focus’ on social media, feminism, embodiment, autoethnography, internet ethnography and fatness. Her PhD project looks at fat liberation and body positivity on Instagram. She is conducting a social media ethnography of advocates, focusing on understandings of digital embodiment through feminist corporeality, queer phenomenology and feminist digital geography. In her spare time she volunteers for the Women’s Information Service in South Australia, helping women affected by domestic and family violence.

Profile https://researchers.adelaide.edu.au/profile/tarmia.klass

Twitter https://twitter.com/KlassyT_PHD

ECR – Josephine Browne

Josephine is an interdisciplinary ECR (sociology and literature) at the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research, Griffith University. Her former career was in social welfare, as a Narrative Therapist specialising in disenfranchised grief: in this capacity she founded a bereavement service, trained grief counsellors and appeared on radio and television. She writes both academically and creatively in the areas of mainstream masculinities and violence, including intersectional interspecies’ violence and grief. Her academic research has focused on mainstream masculinities’ responses to the fin de siècle ‘New Woman’, and on Men’s Behaviour Change Programs and Narrative Therapy. She is currently researching literary representations of coercive control in Australian fiction, with a particular focus on women’s writing, and is coeditor, with Dr Zoei Sutton, of a forthcoming sociology collection, Human-Animal Relationships in Times of Pandemic and Climate Crisis (Routledge 2022). She has lived experience of disabling chronic pain, and teaches in sociology, literary studies and social work.

Twitter @DrEJ_SGY

POSTGRADUATE – Amanda Fieldler

Amanda Fiedler is a PhD candidate, sessional academic and research assistant in the School of Business and Creative Industries at the University of the Sunshine Coast (Qld). Amanda’s research explores creative activism and affective engagement around women-centric science fiction TV through a queer feminist lens. She recently published the journal article, ‘Contradiction, corporeality, and conformity in Grace and Frankie’ (2020) in Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Emma Whatman

Emma Whatman is Associate Lecturer in the School of Communication & Creative Arts at Deakin University (Melbourne, Australia). Emma’s research focuses on fairy-tale media, postfeminism, girlhood and adaptation. She teaches and coordinates undergraduate and masters courses in children’s literature, gender studies, and digital media. Her most recent publications can be found in The Routledge Companion to Fairy-Tale Media Cultures (2018) and The Evolution and Social Impact of Video Game Economics (2017). Emma was a co-convener of the recent conference, ‘Queer Legacies, New Solidarities’.

Profile https://www.deakin.edu.au/about-deakin/people/emma-whatman

Twitter https://twitter.com/emmawhatman


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