Thilina Madiwala

Assistant Journal Editor

Thilina is a Sri Lankan is a feminist peacebuilder, an accredited mediator in Australia and a Master’s student in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Queensland. She is a Deputy Editor of the AWGSA Journal, portfolio Co-Lead for Intersectionality and a postgraduate representative. Her undergraduate dissertation was on the impact of NGO-based Microfinance on women-owned small businesses and the socio-economic aspect of their household in Sri Lanka. Before arriving in Australia in 2022, she was a founder-director of a Sri Lankan registered women’s organization, a freelance trainer, facilitator, researcher, counsellor, fundraiser, a lobbyist and an activist for women and girls’ rights. She continues her online activism through #WeVoice (a facebook group) for women in all diversities to voice their lived experiences. Her research interests are on intersectionality, militarised masculinities, First Nations women’s access to justice, feminist peace research and conflict-related sexual violence. In her spare time, she writes feminist poetry and do street photography.