The Australian Women’s & Gender Studies Association (AWGSA) is the peak body representing researchers, academics and students of Women’s & Gender Studies in Australia.

Vision, Values & Principles

To be a national, independent voice for women & gender-diverse people and to influence policy practice and research on issues affecting them

Decolonial & Anti-Racist Icon

Decolonial &

AWGSA recognizes that we operate on unceded, sovereign lands of Australia’s First Peoples.


AWGSA acknowledges that gender intersects with other factors to inform the experience of marginalization and minoritisation.


AWGSA  operates under the ethos of respect in collaboration to build resources and share research to influence policy and practice. 


AWGSA takes our ability to respond to community, academic, and organisational issues related to our mission seriously. 


AWGSA believes in collegiality and relational practices as the foundation of ethical and sustainable workplaces and careers.

Social Justice

At the Australian Women’s and Gender Studies Association (AWGSA), we are deeply committed to the principles of social justice.

Acknowledgement of Country

AWGSA recognizes First Nations peoples as the enduring custodians of the longest living culture in the world and of all the lands, waters and air that sustain us.

Objectives of AWGSA

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