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The AWGSA provides a comprehensive collection of links to various organizations, journals, magazines, conferences, and bloggers. These links serve as valuable resources for individuals interested in women's and gender studies and related fields. By providing these links, AWGSA facilitates access to valuable resources and fosters a vibrant community of individuals dedicated to advancing feminist scholarship, advocacy, and social change.

Australian Organisations

Our network includes prominent Australian organizations that are dedicated to advancing women's rights, promoting gender equality, and supporting feminist scholarship.

Australian Women’s Archive Project
Australian Women’s History Network
Graduate Women
Jessie Street National Women’s Library
National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) Women’s Action Committee
National Union of Students (NUS) Women’s Dept
Network of Women Students Australia
Women’s Electoral Lobby
Women’s Studies Resource Centre, Adelaide

International Organisations

We are proud to collaborate with renowned international organizations focused on women's and gender studies. Through these partnerships, we engage in knowledge sharing, cross-cultural dialogue, and collaborative initiatives.


Our network includes esteemed journals in the field of women's and gender studies. These journals serve as platforms for scholars, researchers, and academics to publish their work, share innovative research findings, and contribute to the ongoing conversation in feminist scholarship. By supporting and promoting these journals, we foster critical discourse and advance knowledge in the field.


These magazines provide a space for feminist voices, activism, and creative expressions, allowing for a wider dissemination of feminist ideas and engaging with a diverse readership.

Conferences Listings

These listings enable researchers, academics, and students to stay updated on upcoming conferences and events that offer opportunities for professional development, collaboration, and the sharing of research findings.


By promoting these bloggers, AWGSA encourages engagement with online feminist communities, amplifies diverse voices, and fosters critical discussions on contemporary gender issues.