Meet the AWGSA Executive

We are grateful to our executive team for their invaluable contributions and commitment to advancing women’s studies and gender studies. Their leadership inspires us to continue making a difference in promoting gender equality and social justice.

Associate Professor Kathomi Gatwiri


Dr Adele Pavlidis

Vice President

Dr Sarah Casey


Amanda Fiedler


Dr Frances Egan

Seminar Series Coordinator

Aisha Sultan


Tarmia Klass

Communication Rep

Lily Atkinson

Postgraduate Rep

Aish Ravi

Postgraduate Rep

Ali Hickling

Postgraduate Rep

Dr Josephine Browne

Disability Rep

Samantha Owen

General Member

Dr Monique Mulholland

General Member

Dr Rosie Clare Shorter

Seminar Series Coordinator

Associate Professor Gail Crimmins

Journal Editor

Thilina Madiwala

Assistant Journal Editor

Dr Emma Whatman

Assistant Journal  Editor